A2c - kick & bass ep - A2C - Kick & Bass EP

Pic 1 shows a D&B track that has its fundamental frequency peaking around 55 Hz. That means there is energy in the right place, and in mastering, that can be boosted somewhat easily, and we’ll have a solid low end.
The problem arises if the fundamental is too high – see pic 2 (this track is quieter than pic 1 but that’s irrelevant in terms of seeing the fundamental). That shows a track that was recently sent to me for mastering. The track is pretty strong and doesn’t sound too light, but it’s very “boomy”, for the fundamental is happening around 100 Hz, which is too high to be a sub, and there is a lot of kick energy around that area as well, which means that if we cut that area, we’re going to lose some of the kick, too, which is not what we want, and we’d end up with a master that does not have enough power.
In mastering, pretty much any problem can be addressed, but they can’t always be solved – this is case-specific.
At least when you have your fundamental right – and your kick above it (a good general tip is to have your kick an octave above your sub, ., if your sub is hitting 60 Hz, try having your kick hit 120 Hz – you’ll make sure the main building blocks are in the right place.


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