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I don’t own any of those, but what I did find lying in my cupboard were these beautiful nudes, basically cream finishes except one nude lustre, which is a soft shimmer. Mirage is my favourite. It’s a very very unique color, which is almost white with grey undertones. Sadly, I have never seen these beautiful shades around in the new packaging and I need to throw some of these now because they are close to expiry.

So the best I can do is offer a look at some of the archaeological artifacts that we have uncovered, and hope that they give a glimpse at the rich history and stunning development of the Native American flute. And in the end, the most important aspect of the development of the Native American flute, regardless of how the design was influenced, was that the Native peoples who developed this instrument seemed to understand that an instrument that was straightforward to play and had a more limited scale had the effect of increasing the expressive power and enjoyment of the player.

On May 18, 2014, Hōkūle‘a and her sister vessel, Hikianalia embarked from Oahu for " Malama Honua ", a three-year circumnavigation of the earth. She returned to port in Hawaii on June 17, 2017. The journey covered 47,000 nautical miles with stops at 85 ports in 26 countries. [20] [21]

Marc Cary - Indigenous MusicMarc Cary - Indigenous MusicMarc Cary - Indigenous MusicMarc Cary - Indigenous Music

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