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The first plane in the series, the X-43A, was a single-use vehicle. Three of them were built. The first was destroyed after malfunctioning in flight; the other two flew successfully, with the scramjet operating for approximately 10 seconds, followed by a 10-minute glide and intentional crash into the ocean.

 · In the week or so since Hyper -V RTMed there has been a huge amount of coverage on various websites. Here's

Due to the unique hyper-evaporative fibres in the Chilly Towel, this unique towel becomes cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables the towel to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. The fibres retain water, which provides cooling relief while staying dry to touch for hours.

One of the main symptoms throughout my illness was night sweats which also occurred during the day. While I am extremely pleased to say I have fought my cancer battle and won, I still experience this ongoing side effect from the chemotherapy. I use the Chilly Towel to assist with my overheating on a daily basis.

Being diagnosed with, and beating cancer has given me strength to strive for something positive in my life. My dream is to share this fantastic, affordable quality product that can assist so many people who are going through similar experiences.

Various - Hyper Cool (Into The Phuture Vol. 1)Various - Hyper Cool (Into The Phuture Vol. 1)Various - Hyper Cool (Into The Phuture Vol. 1)Various - Hyper Cool (Into The Phuture Vol. 1)

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