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On 21 March, they announced that their next single, " How Ya Doin' ?", would feature Grammy Award -winning musician Missy Elliott . [49] On 4 April 2013, the group revealed that Schwarzkopf hair dye Live Colour XXL would be promoted through their music video for "How Ya Doin'?" in a new sponsorship deal. [50] "How Ya Doin'?" debuted at number 57 on the UK Singles Chart on 20 April 2013, before ascending to number 23 the week after. [51] In its third week, the song peaked at number 16, [52] marking Little Mix's fifth consecutive UK top 20 hit. [53] It charted for a further seven weeks. [53] "How Ya Doin'?" sold 120,000 copies in the UK. The single debuted at number 55 on the Irish Singles Chart on 11 April 2013. [54] It then climbed the chart to peak at number 26. Consequently, "How Ya Doin'?" became Little Mix's first single to miss the top 20 in Ireland, but spent a total of seven weeks on the chart. [55] The single peaked at number 16 on the Scottish Singles Chart on 11 May 2013, [56] marking the group's fifth consecutive top 20 hit in Scotland. [57]

On a side note, there's an option which enables the players to receive commands. However, this option is available only when the CPU level is set to "Easy".

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The music video for this song was directed by Sophie Muller , and it features the band playing in a small, secluded room with loud amplifiers behind them. During the choruses, the volume of the song sends the band members crashing against the walls and ground. The set used was modeled on that in the video for their pre-breakthrough single " Popscene ".

Various - Hit Mix '98Various - Hit Mix '98Various - Hit Mix '98Various - Hit Mix '98

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