Станислав бунин , robert schumann* р. шуман - крейслериана / цветы - Станислав Бунин, Ф. Шопен, 1987, Stanislav Bunin - YouTube

Ivan Bunin was born on his parental estate in Voronezh province in Central Russia, the third and youngest son of Aleksey Nikolayevich Bunin (1827–1906) and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Bunina (née Chubarova, 1835–1910). He had two younger sisters: Masha (Maria Bunina-Laskarzhevskaya, 1873–1930) and Nadya (the latter died very young) and two elder brothers, Yuly and Yevgeny. [2] [3] Having come from a long line of rural gentry with a distinguished ancestry including Polish roots, as well Tatar , [4] Bunin was especially proud that poets Anna Bunina (1774–1829) and Vasily Zhukovsky (1783–1852) were among his ancestors. He wrote in his 1952 autobiography:

Станислав Бунин , Robert Schumann* Р. Шуман - Крейслериана / ЦветыСтанислав Бунин , Robert Schumann* Р. Шуман - Крейслериана / Цветы


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